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Welcome to Eye Clinic Pardubice

Treat your sight to complete care at Eye Clinic Pardubice (Rokycanova street 2798). Your eyes will thank you for it! Eye Clinic in Pardubice offers under one roof regular as well as specialised eye examinations, treatment and surgery.


  • knowledge and experience of top experts
  • modern equipment and medical devices
  • individual approach in line with the latest medical procedures
  • tailored to your needs and available time
  • complex range of diagnostic and treatment tasks for everyone
  • All in a discrete and comfortable environment which does not feel like a hospital


  • a network of eye clinics and centres for application of contact lenses throughout Eastern Bohemia
  • preparation of glasses in our optician's clinic directly in the eye clinic
  • by appointment open 24/7
  • option to arrange individual consultations


11.12.2010  Your eyes need protection even in winter - Questions on the web pages answered by Dr Ivana Harcubova from Eye Clinic Pardubice.

Do you have problems with dry eyes? Then you will be interested in a new interview with Dr Spisek from our Eye Clinic about this syndrome. You can find it under Other articles.


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