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Eye Clinic Pardubice

Eye Clinic in Pardubice offers under one roof regular as well as specialised eye examinations, treatments and surgery, e.g.:

  • Complex eye examinations including prescriptions for glasses or contact lenses and their application even after the glasses have been prepared at the optician's.
  • Cataract diagnostics, its surgical removal with implantation of an intraocular lens made of hydrophobic acrylate manufactured by Carl Zeiss (Germany)
  • Touch-free measurement of intraocular pressure, diagnostics and treatment of glaucoma.
  • Treatment of retina and vitreous body disorders (vitreoretinal tasks) – detachment of retina, bleeding into the vitreous body, age-related macular degenerations, etc.
  • Eye plastic surgery (conjunctiva and cornea).
  • Plastic surgery on eye lids and around the eyes.

What you will not find elsewhere:

PRELEX – presbyopic lens exchange. Our centre implants multifocal intraocular lenses AT.LISA manufactured by Carl Zeiss. In cases of more serious cornea astigmatism, we implant the toric version of the lens – AT.LISA Toric. In comparison with other intraocular lenses, these allow good long and short distance vision under different light conditions independently of the pupil. They also reduce optical side effects, so-called glare and halo. The surgical incision is only 2.2 mm long, without the need for sutures. This allows for quick convalescence and return to normal activities within a few days.

Treatment of cataracts – e.g. their removal with the so-called YAG laser. This is an outpatient procedure. To remove cataracts and membranes or to deal with bleeding into the vitreous body, we undertake pars plana vitrectomy which removes the damaged vitreous body and replaces it with saline solution.

The pars plana vitrectomy – top and gentle intraocular surgical method used for certain types of cataracts and especially for macula surgery (macular hole, epimacular membrane, macular oedema). The procedure usually takes 30 minutes and uses only a 0.6mm incision (or smaller). This miniature incision does not require sutures, which results in a comfortable feeling after the surgery and fast healing.

Eye lash extensions with bimatoprost – eye drops (originally developed to lower intraocular pressure) that are applied on the edges of the eye lids. A decision concerning treatment is made by a doctor after a thorough eye examination. The eye lashes grow three to four millimetres in twelve to sixteen weeks and the effect lasts until the eye lashes naturally fall out – usually three to six months. The treatment can then be repeated.

We have modern equipment including:

LCD optotype NIDEK for displaying of letters, digits, symbols and signs of various sizes at a high resolution.

Contact-free tonometer Tonoref II to measure ocular pressure and retina width.

Auto refractometer NIDEK for measuring dioptres and cornea angle, diagnostics of eye disorders and contact lens applications.

Optic coherent tomography instrument Cirrus - HD OCT with a digital fundus camera for detailed examinations of the back part of the eye – especially the retina and the optical nerve.

Dioda laser Alcon for gentle treatment of cornea problems, especially for diabetic patients.

Constellation, the most up-to-date device for cataract surgery, for the removal of dioptric problems and for the most gentle non-suture vitrectomy.

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