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Call-back service

"CALL-BACK SERVICE" is our newest service. Take advantage of telephone consultation with our eye specialists on 900 340 340. After dialling, please enter the code 25 40 45 and we can advise you on any eye problem.


What should I do if I cannot see well?

Whenever your sight deteriorates, we recommend visiting an ophthalmologist for an examination. The most frequent problems are dioptric ones.

Which are better - glasses or contact lenses?

Both. Glasses are a necessity and contact lenses are a certain improvement. Currently, most patients use glasses when needed and alternate them with contact lenses.

What is the correct way to clean glasses?

Clean with a fine piece of fabric. You will most probably be given one when buying your glasses from the optician's.

Where can I get the cheapest contact lenses?

From our online shops:,

How long is your delivery time?

We aim for this to be as short as possible. For all our centres, the longest is 2 to 5 days.